[Drag and Drop] Complaint

[Drag and Drop] Complaint

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Published on 2016-01-20 by Rúben Gonçalves
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Published on 2016-01-20 by Rúben Gonçalves
Dear Rúben,

Looking at the drag & drop component, I think you and your team did a pretty good job.
There is only one thing I thing that makes a 'smudge' on the component and I would like to complain
about that. The prices and products being used for the products demo.

I think you need to alter your business model in order to increase your sales for this probably won't get you anywhere.

In general; the prices are too high.
Ok, all but one; I can agree on the cake since this is a primary need for each programmer.
Everyone knows about the price of a cake baseline since every programmer's monthly salary
has a cake a day as a baseline.
(The only variable is whether the programmer get's a 13th month and some employers don't know how to handle leap years)

Looking at the other products most of them will be bought in a combined fashion.
I mean no-one wants to just buy a lemon and eat it.

Ok; you kan put an anode and kathode into a lemon and show around that you have yourself a cheap but
short-lasting battery but to 'complete the circle' you're missing out on a piece of wire and a power
consuming device e.g. lightbulb. (Not for sale in your shop)

I can imagine an apple being cheaper since the electricity it provides is less than the lemon.
But the orange should be more expensive since it thusly provides more electricity than the apple.

The sugar, rice and flour combined are a good base for a ricecake but you're still missing out on the
key elements to process this into a cake. (I believe it's butter, Butter, more butter and an oven)
Also all elements combined, the price is still higher than just the cake.

The spaghetti would only be bought by someone who's name ends with an 'i' (Da Vinci / Pavarotti / Lucardi)
and looking at our community, you won't get a lot of customers for that product.
Besides that, I have never heard of a spaghetti cake or a potatoe cake so I'd think these
products should be ruled out anyway.

Most of the programmers want to have a choice.
Presenting them with just one cake isn't going to do the trick.
The competition is killing; check this site for example:

My conclusion is I think you should just sell cake and for definate include Pasteis de Belèm...

...or mousepad's ofcourse.

I hope to see more components of you guys!


Hi Eric,

Your complaint has been analysed, processed and finally ignored.
This happens, because, we are futurists and we know that in 2143, we'll have the cheppest prices all around, so we are betting on that!
Regarding the Pasteis de Belem, it will probably be added in the next version, but with the price of 1.05€ each (got two on saturday and got that price!)

Thank you for your suggestion, and a very very cheap food and eletricity stored, we promise to keep our prices low (in a market perpective of 2143)!


Great to hear!
See you in 2143 (when you're a very old man and probably deaf or something)