Can't sucessfully install outsystems agile full

Hi i am having trouble installing my agile plataform community edition in my personal computer...

Where the problem is?

In the localhost server installation:

I get this error:
The Plataform Server configuration failed. The likely cause is a broken IIS configuration.
Would you like the Plataform Server to retry to use IIS?


I have installed this in my laptop to see if it works and it worked like normal. But in my desktop computer it didn't.

I really need this working in my desktop one, its faster to work with the plataform....

Please help...
Hi Joao

You'll find in the folder c:\program files\outsystems\installer, a zip file named Share that with us so we can troubleshoot the installation error.



Miguel Simões João
Here you go. Hope it helps.

Hi Michelle

You lost me with that last post :)

Did you pasted the wrong link?


Recently we had some community accounts created just to post links to external sites. The posts are just good enough to leave you wondering...

Still waiting for Michelle to pass the "reply to private message" turing test. :)