Default Date in Input Date Field 
I need to default the input date text field to current system date ...I tried various options like setting the "Initial Date" for calendar web block widget to "CurrDateTime()" or "CurrDate()" but I always get the default date as "01/01/1900". Pls see the attachments and let me how to show the default date as today's date.

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go to your input text option and set in property  "null value" :  NullDate()
Thanks a lot for your reply. Now the input text field does not show the default date as "01/01/1900". But it is showing the format as "MM/DD/YYYY".  Instead I would like to show the input text field as System Date by default.

Pls let me know how to show the System Default date ?

the date that you are defining in the widget is the start date when you open the calendar.

If you need to have the textbox already populated, add value to variables that feed the textbox for example in preparation.
StartDate = CurrDateTime()

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