Problem with Autocomplete / RecordList

Problem with Autocomplete / RecordList


I'm trying to make an autocomplete through a RecordList where RecordList is filled in preparation.
The problem is that it doesn´t filter the search as you normally would if you were starting from a query.

Can anyone give me a hand?

Can you share the simple oml, so we can look there?
the screenshot doesn't say much, except the desired behaviour is not what you would expect.
Also i´m sending pictures of actions, so perhaps understand better what I´m trying to do.

Autocomplete starting from one RecordList.
Thanks for your interest.
I'm not sure.

do you reassign the list-variable to the ddl again?
Do you listclear the droplist, because what I see is just a list-append?
I´m not assign the RecordList again, just do it only one time.
If I use the listclear i lose the values of RecordList.

Thanks again
One more detail, if the record list has only 24 records works fine, but sometimes I need 1400 records and this no longer works properly.
Hi Miguel

There could be several different causes for the unexpected behaviour, but without the OML to analyze the entire action flow and variable assignments, it's hard to figure out the cause of the problem.

Try to replicate the same problem on a simpler OML and share the OML with us ... this will help finding out wha'ts going on.

Another suggestion is for you to do a debugger session and trackdown the RecordList variable values.


Miguel Simões João
Hi Miguel,
I can tell you what the problem is.
you are not filtering things on the autocomplete action..
you need to clean the list and on the autocomplete action you need to fetch the list again 
and filter for the typed word there...
I can send you a sample.
Best Regards
Carlos Rocha

Hi check this sample oml that I just made.
I din't test it, but it should give you a idea on how to create a autocomplete.

Best regards
Carlos Rocha
Hi Carlos Rocha and Miguel Simões thanks for your attention.

Carlos Rocha: 
I can only make a call then fill in the record list with all values ??(1400 + / -). I do autocomplete with RecordList and without query.

Miguel Simões:
I'll replicate the idea in other OML.

But the strange thing is that when there are few records the autocomplete works fine, but when is 1400 already is very slow and does the filtering.

Thanks ....