AD configuration via Espace.

I am trying to create a web front end for Active Directory/ldap and include configuration for the end user. This front end would tie the users from an espace to the AD/LDAP.

My question is, When a new user is created via Outsystems espace. Is it possible to add that user with their roles/custom attributes to the Active Directory. Is this even possible or is there a way to go about doing this?

The purpose of doing this is so that if another application communicates with the Active Directory/ldap and has been modified or added/removed. It should be updated from the espace/application.

Yes, I have my Active Directory configured to import all the current users. I am wondering if i can write back to it for one espace.
Hello Walter,

The Users application, distributed with the platform, only reads AD to fetch information about users. It is not allowing writing back to AD.

The API which is provided by the Authentication extension is also only read-only with what regards LDAP / AD, so no luck there.

But this doesn't mean that what you're looking for is not possible. What you need to do is implement it :)

You can create an extension with the basic operations you need to support directly with the AD server, and create a User provider (you can clone the Users eSpace as a basis) that implements your desired functionality.

Finally, you can share it in the Forge to make sure the next person who has this requirement doesn't have to implement it all by herself :)

 Hello Walter Seme ,

Could  you tell me how you made the integration between outsystems and AD?