ids são gerados dinamicamente no Outsystems

ids são gerados dinamicamente no Outsystems

I put the name in the input but when I see the source code, I have the following id in the component as follows:

this wt21 not know where it comes from, and it is always changing, someone can tell me how id be only wt21_wtMainContent_wttxtAreaValores?

Thank you.
Hi Claudemir,

The Ids generated by the platform are dinamical, so you should not try use them directly.
The correct approach is to use "AreaValores.Id" in design time which will allow you to get the runtime Id.

If you need more specific help, please post an example.


I read the database, and it has the attributes of inputs dynamically created by the User, it drags the elements, and then I record the positions of the same, I needed to write an identifier of these elements in order to manipulate via java script.

Any idea how idenficalos at the time of recording.