Show password

Hi, I want to show the password on the user_edit table. It appears encript and I can't change it
Thank you
Hi Manuel

All user passwords are stored encrypted on the databse, using a one-way hash method. This means that you can't extract the plain text password from it.

Usually, this is not a requirement, since showing passwords on the applications is a bad security practice. It's preferred to generate a random new password and reset it.


Miguel Simões João
Thank you for the answer, how can I generate a random new password and reset it, I want to do it on the Mainflow Users_edit table like if I'm changing the name(it works) but for the password (its encripted). Not on the users tab.

Thank you 
Hi Manuel,

The platform has a [GeneratePassword] expression that does what the name says, use it on an expression editor on your webscreen. Then a UPDATE action from the Users entity should do the trick.

Regards, Miguel Vieira