Streaming REST webservice

Streaming REST webservice

Hello Outsystems community,

Question for you!  I was successful in having my Outsystems application consume a webservice by referencing it using its .wsdl.  Another developer, who developed the webservice, wants to convert this webservice into a "Streaming REST webservice" instead. 

My question: Is it possible for an Outsystems application to interface with a "Streaming REST webservice"?

Hi Frank

If you're referring to RESTFul web services, this is not supported built-in on the Agile Platform yet, but if you search the community there are a couple of posts and components that will help you build your RESTFul service client. Here are a few links:
WebServiceEngine (Convert SOAP to XML/JSON REST)
RESTFulWebservice (RESTFul Webservice supports XML and JSON)

Hope this info helps.


Miguel Simões João