Field Service Modernization and the Benefits of No-Code/Low-Code Platforms

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By connecting devices, people, and business networks, the next generation of field mobility solutions are changing the way business and customer-critical assets are managed, facilitating the shift from a reactive service model to a proactive, predictive, and preventative one.

However, not all mobile field service solutions are created equally. In this report, VDC Research identified key factors–both technical and operational–that directly influenced the success of mobile field service solutions, and some of the challenges facing field service solution decision-makers.

Download this whitepaper and learn some of VDC Research’s key findings, including, but not limited to:

  • What the top 3 factors are for driving investments in mobile field service solutions
  • What leading causes are preventing companies from investing in modern mobile field service solutions
  • What allowed organizations to be able to report a 30% increase in new business won or initiated by technicians during onsite visits