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Monadelphous Discusses its Workforce Management Application “Monawork”

Hear why engineering group Monadelphous is using OutSystems to deliver a workforce engagement app that streamlines communication with widely distributed engineers.

Allegro Delivers Employee Safety App in 2 Weeks

To keep factory workers safe during the pandemic, Allegro built apps that limit access to high traffic areas and allow 2,500 employees to record their symptoms.

Sakata Seed Corporation Weeds-Out Shadow IT with OutSystems

Learn how two developers at Sakata Seed Japan have delivered 50+ apps in three years to eliminate shadow IT and gain a can-do reputation for its IS department.

Driving Innovation Forward at Vinturas with Blockchain Technology

Vinturas is using blockchain technology and OutSystems to provide transparency and real-time data across the supply chain of finished vehicles.

Humana Builds Their Covid-19 Test Locator in One Month with OutSystems

When the pandemic hit, Humana's call center was overwhelmed by tasks, using just a spreadsheet to track information. With OutSystems, they built a full suite of office solutions to help both customers and reps locate testing sites and information.

Fundação José Neves To Build a Knowledge Nation

Learn how FJN uses the OutSystems platform to provide universal access to future-oriented education and boost Portugal’s knowledge economy.

CoorpID KYC Product Gets to Market Three Times Faster with OutSystems

Innovative KYC product "CoorpID" was born in ING's innovation lab. Learn how their OutSystems MVP, built in just ten days, secured development funding from ING.

Law Firm Shepherd and Wedderburn Innovates With OutSystems

Shepherd and Wedderburn—a leading Scottish-headquartered UK Law Firm—uses OutSystems to build innovative systems that serve clients with award-winning results.

Improving Digital Experiences: Yorkshire Building Society Drives CX Program with OutSystems

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) Drives Digital Customer Experience Program with OutSystems to modernize UX and increase mortgage and saving conversions.

Constellation Builds Integrated App in 2 Months

Discover how Constellation® used OutSystems to build its new peer support case management system and gain agility.

CITIC Telecom CPC Modernizes its Application Portfolio

CITIC Telecom CPC’s complex application portfolio held back innovation. See how this ICT service giant built a digital factory production line with OutSystems.

Inchcape Halves Port Call Cost Estimation Time with a New Digital Process and Portal

See how Inchcape escaped a legacy system and cut port call cost estimation by half with a new digital process and portal delivered with OutSystems in 13-weeks.

The Rapid Relief Team’s Apps Help Scale Food Box Deliveries

Learn how RRT rapidly scaled its emergency food box delivery program with a custom system and mobile app that streamlined operations during the COVID Crisis.

Planet Delivers 100% Digital Tax Free Shopping Solution

International payments and technology provider Planet provides a frictionless 100% digital tax refund experience—delivered in just four months with OutSystems.

De Mandemakers Groep’s Custom-Fit Mobile App Saves Time and Eliminates Kitchen Design Errors

See how DMG—a leading Dutch home improvement retailer—used OutSystems to build its custom-fit mobile app to save time and eliminate errors for kitchen fitters.

PowrKidz Improves Children’s Health and Wellbeing with OutSystems

PowrKidz is on a mission to lead the fightback against rising rates of childhood obesity. Their unique health and wellbeing solution for primary and secondary schools was built on OutSystems—so they got to market 3-4x faster.

Container Centralen Improves Supply Chain Efficiency and Visibility with Mobile RFID Scanner App

Container Centralen used OutSystems to develop a customized scanner software application used by hundreds of depot staff to improve logistics operations.

Montepio Crédito Powers its “Matrix” Digital Transformation Program with OutSystems

Credit provider Montepio Crédito chose OutSystems to build omnichannel solutions that give customers and business partners a 48 times faster credit approval.

Lendr Builds 5 Apps in Under 12 Months with Just 2 Developers

With OutSystems, US-based company Lendr built five apps for staff, clients, and brokers, streamlining the delivery of its financial solutions, and saving 70% development effort compared to C#

CredAbility Demystifies Finance with OutSystems

See how CredAbility boosts its customers’ financial well-being with two new, highly-rated apps built on the OutSystems development platform.