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Patient First Platform

A digital healthcare platform that automates the business ecosystem of public & private healthcare providers to avail personalized, proactive & engaging healthcare experiences for patients, and other stakeholders; online, on mobile, on social & by phone. The platform centralizes, unifies and modernizes the services, operations and flow of patients’ data.

eServices Platform

A customer focused, user friendly and ready-made eServices digitization platform based on the best in-place low-code technology to provide the easiest and most efficient way to automate end-customers’ services embracing standardized business processes, efficient service fulfillment and an easy to use customer portal.

Contract Lifecycle

eContractHub is a SaaS contract lifecycle management solution developed on OutSystems. Helps companies to track their contracts throughout all stages of the life-cycle and stay informed with reminders, web/mobile notifications and alerts.


Omofis is a solution designed to virtualize the workplace and visualize team, work, and time spent on each individual task.

Digital Ballot

In a fast-paced and complex enterprise landscape, organisations need a secure, easy-to-use solution to run auditable decision-making processes.

TestFramework - Factory Edition

Test Framework is an open-source solution that offers simple management and automated execution of OutSystems Unit and API tests. Integrating with BDD Framework and Unit Testing Framework, allows automated regression tests setup, test run scheduling, execution, and reporting of run results. The Factory Edition adds features such as code coverage.

Remote Wellness

Digital Wellness is a mobile application that caters to remote employees' wellbeing, as an extension of the organizations that can assist, connect, inform, and socially include the employees. Together with our friends at Hi Interactive, Indigo drafted a beautiful user experience and design for the mobile application.

Hi Two Columns Same Height

Component to display columns with the same height. You can also set different widths for the first column and different gap sizes.

Hi Table Records Expandable

Component to allow the user to create and display expandable content inside the table.

Hi Multi Select Dropdown

Component to select multiple choices from several options.

Hi Custom Section Index

Component to enable the users to navigate within a page quickly.

Hi Custom Section

Component that separates content and that can include actions.

Hi Custom Breadcrumbs

Component to display the current user location in applications with a deep page hierarchy.

Hi Banner Card

Component with a banner custom content. The Banner's area without images, or having images without background will have a filled background with a color of your choice.

Hi Card Center Row Content

Component used to show content in the center row plus the choice of having other content or actions in the left and/or right side of the card.

Hi Advanced Search

Component to allow the user to use multiple types of search inputs.

UX/UI Services

Creating a delightful experience for the user is a balanced act between usability, interface design, and technology. With a Design Thinking approach, we’re able to build digital products addressing both the business and user needs fostering the best digital experiences for your customers.

Agent Diary for Agents - Incentive and Commission Management

Agent Diary is an easy-to-use application which lets you experience a new approach to view your Sales Agents details of Commission, Incentives, Schemes and Client details via native mobile application.

Digital Banking in a Box

Netlink's Digital Banking in a Box provides solutions for banks and financial organizations of any size to manage their financial activities via desktop or any smart devices. We provide complete flexibility to optimize and scale applications with dynamic user experience, all constructed from a single platform.

Safe Havens Case Management, school, student, family and community safeguarding

Addressing the unimaginable cost and alarming trends of child sexual abuse.