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Loan Origination

Loan Origination based on Microservices architecture, are out-of-the-box accelerator for various types of Loans with multiple integration options.

PhoenixDX Field Services Solution

The PhoenixDX Field Services solution is an application to empower your workers in the field. Manage incidents, expenses, contracts, work orders, forms, time and attendance and your workforce mobility.

PhoenixDX Workspace

With the current working environment changing regularly, and people demanding more flexibility, we believed there could be a better way to deploy facilities management software and desk booking. So we decided to build, with leading organisations, a flexible product that has over 500+ person/days of R&D and is in use in small to large enterprises.

Asset Management & Planning System

The Asset Management & Planning System (AMPS) is a flexible enterprise asset management and logistics solution. It keeps track of assets and by allocating resources appropriately, enhancing productivity while minimizing operational and lifecycle costs. Its unique deploy ability supports organizations where assets are globally spread.

Interactive Product Tour (DriverJS)

Most users prefer to learn how to work with new products and features themselves. The easier it is, the more they will use it. With interactive guided tours, you improve new feature adoption, the level of self-service and enhance user experience.

OS Page Builder

OS Page Builder, Features: Create Unlimited Pages, Create Page Templates, WYSIWYG Editor, Drag and Drop Widgets, Images Galleries, Embedded Video, Rich Text Editor, Dynamics Forms, SEO Functionality, Page Routing, Modular Architecture, Much More

UST NoSkript™

NoSkript is a Low Code Test Automation platform and this ties well with OutSystems, which offers Low Code platform to develop, deploy and manage omni-channel enterprise applications. It works on Traditional, Reactive and Mobile apps built on the OutSystems platform.

OMNI Channel Customer Engagement Solution

OMNI helps you drive digital transformation across your organization. It is an intuitive cross-channel sales and service platform for agents, call center, online customer site, bank assurance, affinity, car dealers and comparison sites with simplified experiences adjusted to each channel.

Wine Connection

Wine connection (WICO) is an user-friendly interface with streamlined processes that allows the producers to ensure more accurate records, as well as the control and traceability of all actions and costing in the wine production business.


TrueVoice is a behavior and emotion analytics technology to transform your contact center.

Let iT Flow Document Management

With Let It Flow you can now manage your documents through an easy to use interface. The platform automatically controls the document’s SLA and using the Let It Flow Dashboard you can quickly identify critical documents that need attention.

Sync iT - Data Migration Automation

Sync iT is an essential productivity tool for any OutSystems shop. The tool allows migrating application data from one OutSystems infrastructure to another, regardless if it is on-premise or hosted in the OutSystems cloud.

Rocket UI

The Rocket UI Kit is an application to manage the life cycle of user interface elements. It includes a set of advanced components, layouts and screen templates that are a must have for any OutSystems development team wanting to build high fidelity reactive web and mobile applications.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance And Support (MAS) is a service for applications built with the OutSystems Platform. Continuity is important to ensure the accessibility of your software application environment. MAS decreases the risc of a defective system significantly. The solution contains: MAS Assessment, Corrective maintenance, Improvement measures, Evolutive maintenance.

Space Management

Space Management is a tool for managing physical spaces reservations such as workstations, meeting rooms, lunch spots or parking slots. In addition it can be used to promote social distancing and possible reduction in the risk of transmission of contagious diseases like COVID-19.

Migration as a Service

The CoolProfs data migration service! The Cool Data Mover service allows you to easily automate the export and import of data between environments on any platform installation (PaaS, On Premise and others). And, if needed, make your data GDPR compliant. # data #datamanager #datamigration #datamover #GDPR #migration #movingdata #mover #manager

SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance

Mobile Plant Maintenance solution is an easy and attractive tool that perfectly fits with your Plant Maintenance and processes. SAP Plant Maintenance processes that do not fit your MRO processes can be extended to make a perfect fit. Our Plant Maintenance Platform has all the benefits of packaged software without limitations.

Service app

The service app helps to digitalize the paper flow. All the service people are able to fill in their hours and materials. The backoffice has an integration module with ERP integration and import/export possibilities.

Find my doctor

Find My Doctor is a mobile solution that allows users to book physician appointments based on a number of key factors such as ratings, location and speciality. The physician can review the users details and set up an appointment and can navigate to the appointment location via Google Maps.

Predict it

It requires a lot of data to know your assets and predict their maintenance. We are able to predict these needs. We collect the data by adding IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to equipment, which gather large amounts of data. The data is put into our Proactive Maintenance solution that is specifically built to analyse multiple, complex patterns and trends

Find it

The Fuzzy Search solution reduces search time to a minimum. At lightning speed it can find that single record in tons of data across multiple apps and only needs minimum input to get what you want. And not only that, it grows along with your company.

Plan it

The automated scheduling solution can continuously solve the most complex planning puzzles, no matter what constraints or business rules are thrown at it. In a matter of seconds, combining best-in-class low code, big data and machine learning technology provides you with the optimal schedule in real time.

Find my doctor

Find My Doctor is a mobile solution that allows users to book physician appointments based on a number of key factors such as ratings, location and speciality. The physician can review the users details and set up an appointment and can navigate to the appointment location via Google Maps.


The solution comprised: A mobile app for coaches to manage clients, session booking, attendance, notes, clinical risk score calculation and workflow A web app for approving payments, automatic self-billing invoice generation, financial reconciliation, management reporting, and full client and session data management.