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  • business-app-modernization-gartner-report-hcard
    How to Build a Business Case for Application Modernization

    Gartner explores recommendations for applications and software engineering leaders struggling to build a business case for application modernization.

  • creating-frictionless-self-service-experience-hcard
    Creating Frictionless Customer Self-Service Experiences

    Digital customer self-service is a critical component of CX transformation. Learn how to innovate at speed and deliver frictionless customer experiences.

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    Dette Technique: une Menace Réelle pour les Entreprises

    La dette technique coûte aux entreprises des milliers d’euros pour chaque seconde passée. Pire encore, elle monopolise des ressources qui auraient pu être investies dans l’innovation.

  • application-security-overview-hcard
    Handling technical debt with OutSystems

    With TrueChange and Architecture Dashboard developers using OutSystems design apps with minimal technical debt to assure quick updates and easy maintenance.

  • pwa-ebook-hcard
    Native Mobile vs. Progressive Web App: Developer Evaluation Guide

    In this evaluation guide, we present the pros and cons of PWAs, alongside how the OutSystems app development platform can help. By the end of this guide, you'll be ready to decide which route to take for your next mobile project.

  • low-code-development-platforms-wave-hcard-v2
    The Forrester Wave: Plateformes de Développement Low-Code

    Accédez à The Forrester Wave™: Plateformes de Développement Low-Code pour Développeurs Professionnels, T2 2021 (en anglais). Découvrez quelles sont les plateformes qui offrent les fonctionnalités dont vous avez besoin afin de répondre à vos exigences métier, et pourquoi OutSystems est reconnue comme leader de son secteur.

  • application-security-overview-hcard
    Application Security Overview

    OutSystems is committed to continuous improvement of the security of the applications generated by our platform.

  • outsystems-extensibility-hcard
    OutSystems Extensibility

    OutSystems is just this type of platform: open by design and extensible for every need in all application layers—front-end, back-end, database, and integration.

  • high-availability-and-scalability-strategies-hcard
    High Availability and Scalability Strategies

    This paper discusses numerous use cases showing how OutSystems distributed architecture configurations can be applied to all the layers of an infrastructure enabling on-demand scalability and assuring high availability.

  • deliver-frictionless-customer-experiences-hcard
    Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences with OutSystems

    OutSystems is designed to manage change, enabling rapid innovation, and ultimately delivering modern applications that evolve as businesses and technologies do.

  • implementing-ci-cd-hcard
    Implementing CI/CD in OutSystems

    How to implement CI/CD in an OutSystems factory using built-in features, leading third-party testing suites and deployment orchestration platforms.systems.

  • new-customer-onboarding-ebook-hcard
    How to Create Omnichannel Experiences Easier and Faster

    Learn how to create effortless customer experiences that exceed customer expectations and increase loyalty.

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