The Network tab allows you to configure the range of IPs that are considered part of your internal network, and the IP address the front-end server will register in the deployment controller service.

Internal Network section

When developing your applications, you can set resources such as web flows (groups of screens), and web services to be available only within your internal network.

This makes it easier to define which parts of your application are available to the general public, and which can only be accessed from your network.



Default value

IP addresses

End-users IP address ranges that can access screens marked for internal access only.

Blank 'IP addresses' setting means that the usage of web flows and web services is not restricted by the caller's IP address.

Mandatory values if the setting is not blank:

  • The internal IP of all front-end servers;
  • The internal IP of the controller,
  • The internal IP/ranges of all monitoring tools.


  • " ; ;" – means that only two IP addresses are considered part of the internal network;
  • " ; 192.168.2." – means that all IP addresses starting on 192.168.2 are considered part of the internal network.

By default the 'IP addresses' setting is blank.

For the changes to take effect, you need to restart the server.

Front-end Registration

It is also possible to configure the IP addressed that the front-end server registers in the deployment controller service. This setting is useful for servers with multiple network adapters, allowing you to select on which network the OutSystems services communicate with each other.



Default value

Local IP Address

The list displays all IPs available for the front-end server you are configuring.