The Extension life cycle includes the following operations:

  1. Definition. Define the Extension in Integration Studio. In this step you have to create your extension and define its actions, entities, and structures. How?

  2. Coding. In this step you have to define the behavior of your actions.

If your extension does not contain actions that were added manually, you can skip this step. However, the extension continues to have its source code files. See About Extension Source Files.

To code the behavior of your actions, Integration Studio provides the necessary facilities to integrate with the IDE you specified. These facilities are:

In the IDE, implement the behavior of your actions and compile the .NET or Java project, depending on the application server you are using, with the extended functionality. How?

  1. Verify. Check whether the extension elements are correctly defined in regard to Integration Studio rules. Only valid extensions can be published and therefore used by eSpaces. This step also updates the extension source code with the extension definition, and afterward, depending on the application server you are using, the dll or jar of the extension is generated. See how to verify an extension.

Even if your extension contains only entities, this step is executed and a dll or jar is generated with the entities definition.

  1. Save. Saves the xif file in the directory you specified.

  1. Publish. Publish the extension in the Platform Server you are connected to. After this operation, the extension is available to be used in your eSpace. See how to use an extension?

To publish your extension, simply click 1-Click Publish in the File menu or Toolbar. The publication of an extension requires several operations that are executed automatically in this step. See the 1-Click Publish operation.

To add more elements to your extension, repeat these steps. If you want to change the behavior of an action already defined, then simply repeat from step 3 on.

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