You can download to your work area any Extension previously published in a Platform Server. When this operation is executed, the xif file that corresponds to this extension will be stored where you specify. Afterwards, you can make the necessary changes in the extension and publish it again when it is ready.

Downloading an Extension version

The Download operation is available in the File menu or on the Toolbar.

If you are not connected to a Platform Server, Integration Studio automatically prompts you to select a server and a user name, in order to establish the connection. See how to Select Server window.

When the Download from Server window is launched, you can simply select the extension you want to download.

If you want to download the latest extension version uploaded to the server, which may or many not be the one currently published, just click the Download button.

If you want to download another extension version, select the Older versions button, select the version, and click the Download button. See how to download a specific extension version.

Download access rights

To download an extension from the server, you must have, at least, a Download security level for that extension.

To check your permissions, you must login to the Service Center. In the My Settings tab, you can check your effective permissions: Security Settings and eSpaces, Extensions and Solutions Granted. If necessary, contact the Service Center administrator and ask to be granted the suitable permissions.

You can also download an extension version in Service Center, from the Extension screen.

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