To get help on Service Studio you should launch the Integration Studio Help and look for what you need. If you don't find the information you were looking for, you should search for it in the OutSystems Community and more specifically in its forums. When neither of the searches return the information you need, you may directly contact OutSystems and submit your feedback.

How to launch the Integration Studio Help

The Integration Studio Help can be launched:

When there is no contextual help for the element currently selected, Help is opened to the default topic page (corresponds to the entry page of the Help file).

Cross References

In Integration Studio Help you can navigate by:

Design icons and style sheet in Integration Studio Help

In Integration Studio you can find the following icons:

Did you know...? icon: Provides some interesting facts for your general knowledge.

Note icon: Provides notes that complete the statements and instructions provided.

Tip icon: Provides tips that you can use during the development of the extension.

Attention icon: Identifies situations where you must be careful during the development of the extension.

There are also some other design rules related to style sheets:

The OutSystems Community

OutSystems provides you with the OutSystems Community knowledge base where you can have access to tools and knowledge about the OutSystems Corporation, Application Development and Product Information.

In the community, you can also use the forums to find and share information with other developers. Forums are also very helpful for finding hints and tips for Integration Studio development.

Submit Feedback to OutSystems

Integration Studio also provides the possibility of contacting OutSystems Technical Support to submit problems or simply to send feedback about the  OutSystems Platform. You can explicitly launch the Submit Feedback Window to post your comments or suggestions about Integration Studio or about the OutSystems Platform itself. When an error occurs in Integration Studio, the Submit Feedback window is launched automatically.