In the Edit menu, on the menu bar, you can perform the common commands of copying contents to and from the Clipboard, plus editing the environment options.

The Edit menu contains the following operations:

Undo: Reverse the last operation you executed in the current screen contents. Each click reverses one more operation.

Redo: Reverse the action of the Undo. Each click reverse one more Undo operation.

Cut: Removes the selected element(s) or text and stores it in the Clipboard.

Copy: Stores the selected element(s) or text in the Clipboard.

Paste: Insert the element(s) or text in the Clipboard at the insertion point.

Find CTRL+F: Allows you to search for a string in your extension.

Find Next F3: Allows you to continue the search previously defined.

Options...: Allows you to configure parameters related to the development in Integration Studio. For more information, see Options window.

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