The Entity Editor allows you to edit the properties of an entity that belongs to your extension.

This editor is displayed when an entity is selected in the Multi-tree Navigator or in the Multi-tab Editor.

Set the Entity Identifier

The identifier is the attribute that uniquely identifies the rows of your entity. You simply have to do one of the following:

Entity Attributes

To manage entity attributes, see Attributes Editor.

Change the Entity Properties

You can change the properties of the entity at any time. Simply double-click in the entity in the Multi-tree navigator or select the action in the Multi-tab editor.

Import Details

This button is enabled when this entity is imported from a database, and displays a report where you can check the original table definition and the corresponding entity definition. The following information is displayed:

Entity <entity name>: <Entity status>

Database Connection <Database Connection Name> (<DBMS>)

<attribute name> (<OutSystems data type> <- <Database data type>: <Attribute status>

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