The next table presents the properties of the resource element.




Default value



Name of the resource.



See rules for naming elements.

Last Modified

Date when the file was last modified, since the resource was added or updated.




Deploy Action

Indicates where, in the Platform Server, the resource is stored when the eSpace that references this extension is published.


Depends on the type of the resource you are adding.

  • Copy to Binaries directory: default of dll's or jar's, configuration and compilation files.

  • Copy to Application directory: default of .NET aspx and asmx pages, style sheets and Java Script files.

  • Copy to Images directory: default of image files.

  • Ignore: when the file is not supposed to be published with the eSpace. Used for help files, source code, etc.

You can change the property value but, in most cases, the default is correct. For more details, see the possible values for this property.


Free text that describes the resource.



Useful for documentation and knowledge transfer purposes.

The maximum size of this property is 255 characters.

Import Details...

Presents information about the import operation.



Only available when the resource was added during the Import Actions from .NET Assembly wizard. For more information, see Resource Editor.

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