OutSystems Platform allows to configure the format to display dates to end-users. This is an environment-wide setting, so all applications deployed to this environment, start using this date format.

To change the format of dates displayed to end-users, in the environment management console, go to the Administration tab, and click 'Environment Configuration'.

In the 'Date Format' field, select the date format, and click the 'Apply' button for the setting to take effect.

From now on, when deploying an application to this environment:

Note that:

Republish Your Applications

The applications already running on the environment need to be republished to use the new date format.

You also need to republish the infrastructure and environment management consoles. If you're on the OutSystems cloud, contact the Technical Support for this step.

Review and Update Site Properties

Site Properties with the previous date format might start using the default date (1900-01-01).

Review all Site Properties with Date data type used in your applications. Change their effective dates to use the new data format.

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