In OutSystems Platform, you grant IT users permissions by assigning them roles.

By default there are two roles:

In this example we want to outsource the development of an application. We don’t want external contractors to have the same permissions than our own development team. So we’ll create a new role for them.

Create the Role

To start creating a new Role, click on the 'New Role' link on the 'Users & Roles' page.

In this example we’ll create a new ‘External Developer Role’ that has the following permissions:

To define the permissions on each environment, we adjust the sliders.

Click on the 'Save' button to create the role.

Assign the Role

There are several ways to assign a role to the user:

In this example once Abe Mccarthy, a contractor, joins the development team, we’ll assign him the 'External Developer' role.

Open the 'Users & Roles' page, and click 'New User'. When filling-in Abe’s information, choose the 'External Developer' role that we just created. Click the 'Save' button.

Now that the contractor has few permissions, we can increase the permissions he has for a specific application. We can also add him to a team so that he has more permissions for all applications managed by the team.

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