Software factories usually have multiple environments to develop, test, and deploy their applications to customers. This ensures applications are delivered only after being extensively tested.

This topic covers how to deploy one application from one environment to another.

In this example the Expenses application is going to be created in the Development environment, and then deployed to Quality Assurance so that it can be tested. The Expenses app, allows employees to submit their expenses for reimbursement.

First Deployment of the New Application

The Expenses application is created by the team, using OutSystems Platform visual development environment.

When a developer deploys an application for the first time into an environment, OutSystems Platform automatically tags it with the version 0.1.

Further Changes to the Application

After the first deployment of the Expenses application, the development of the application continues, and new deployments to Development will occur. When that happens, OutSystems Platform automatically identifies that Expenses was already deployed in Development and adds a '+' (plus) sign to the version number to highlight that the application has been changed.

Deploy to Quality Assurance

Having reached a development milestone, the Expenses application is ready to be deployed to Quality Assurance for testing:

  1. Click on the 'Deploy...' green button between 'Development' and 'Quality Assurance'. You will later be asked to specify which applications you want to deploy to Quality Assurance;
  2. Find the Expenses application in the application list and click on the 'Tag & Deploy 0.2' button;
  3. The 'Tag & Deploy' option means OutSystems Platform is going to automatically tag the currently running version of Expenses with version 0.2 in Development and then deploy it to Quality Assurance.

  4. After choosing the 'Tag & Deploy 0.2' option, click on 'Validate Now'. OutSystems Platform will run an impact analysis to validate if the deployment can be performed without impacting other applications running on Quality Assurance: all is ok and both the deployment option and the 'Next' button are green;
  5. Click on the 'Continue' button to advance to check out the final deployment plan and execute it;
  6. Click on the 'Deploy Now' button to start deploying to Quality Assurance.

  7. The version 0.2 of the Expenses application is now tagged and deployed in both Development and Quality Assurance, where it is ready to be configured and tested.

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