This topic describes how OutSystems Platform allows you to take a snapshot of the application and its modules, tag it with a version, and then use it for deploying.

In this example, the Vacations application reaches the end of a sprint with a new functionality of submitting half-day vacations. The application is tagged, development continues and later, the stable version is deployed to Quality Assurance for testing.

Why Tag an Application?

Tagging an application is critical to ensure infrastructure stability and flexibility. It is usually performed when the application development is stable or a milestone is reached, allowing for retrieving that state of the application and its modules at any time.

Development teams tag a version of their application each time they reach the end of a sprint. Then, they start a new sprint and continue developing their application.

At the end of the month, applications with tagged versions are deployed to Quality Assurance for testing.

This way, it is possible to deploy stable (tagged) versions of applications to Quality Assurance for testing, while development teams continue developing their applications.

Tag the Application

Once a sprint has ended or a stable version of the an application is developed, open the Applications screen and click on the application to open the Application Detail screen.

In this example both the Campaigns and CampaignsSampleData modules are signalled with a '+' (plus) signal, identifying that they have been changed.

Start the tag operation by clicking on the 'Tag Version' button. OutSystems Platform provides a dropdown to select the version to tag, and fields to insert the new tag version and a description. Write the minor version (0.11) and type a description of what is this version: "Application version with the possibility of sending responsive emails."

Click on 'Tag Version' button to tag the new version of the application.

Once tagged, the new version of Campaigns with the responsive emails is versioned and the development team can start the new sprint of development.

Deploy a Tagged Version Application

To deploy the tagged version of the Campaigns application for testing in the Quality Assurance environment, open the Applications screen, click on the 'Deploy' button.

On the line with the Campaigns application, select the deployment option for the most recent minor version that was tagged: Deploy 0.11.

Validate the deployment plan by clicking on 'Continue', and then tap the 'Deploy Now' button.

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