Applies to: OutSystems PaaS.

This topic describes how to activate a site-to-site VPN, allowing your OutSystems Platform running on the cloud to connect securely to the environments you have on-premises.

In this example, the Production environment is running on-premises and the Operations team wants to ensure the OutSystems PaaS and the Production environment are on the same private network.

Benefits of Using a VPN

A VPN allows you to extend a private network across the internet, enabling you to create a private network between your OutSystems PaaS and your Outsystems on-premises installation, and establishing a secure communication channel between the two. This way:

Technical Details and Requirements

The VPN connection uses industry-standard IPsec tunnel mode (with IKE-PSK, AES-128, HMAC-SHA1, PFS) to authenticate both sides of the VPN connection, and to protect the data. This means that your VPN concentrator device needs to be able to:

Before activating the VPN, make sure you know:

Without this information, it will not be possible to configure the VPN.

Activate the VPN

To activate the VPN for your OutSystems PaaS go to the 'Environments' screen, click the 'Options' button and choose the 'Activate VPN' option.

Since activating the VPN requires performing manual configurations, an OutSystems Support Engineer will contact you with instructions to configure the VPN tunnel to your OutSystems PaaS.

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