The BPT API provides you functionality to manage processes and activities.

To use this API simply reference the BPT_API extension using the References Window in the development environment.


Action Description

Discards an Activity and the execution of its Process flow stops, that is, none of the following activities in that flow is executed.


Checks whether an Activity Identifier is valid for a Kind of activity.


Assigns a Human Activity to a User. The human activity is only shown in that user's Taskbox.


Checks whether a User has the role for executing a Human Activity.


Forces a Human Activity to handle immediately all its pending events.


Sets the due date for a Human Activity.

Process_BulkDelete Deletes all the logged information of instances of top level Processes that have terminated or closed before the given date.

Deletes all the logged information of an instance of a top level Process, which must be either terminated or closed.


Add this action to a Preparation to hide the TaskBox on a Web Screen.

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