Deletes from the database module versions with a published date and time older than the specified value and that are kept stored in the database. Currently published versions, tagged versions, and versions of which the user does not have publish permissions are not deleted. The logged user needs to have 'Change & Deploy' permissions for the module.

Throws an exception when the logged user doesn't have permissions or the module doesn't exist.

Input parameters

OlderThan: mandatory; DateTime type.
Date and time that indicates the point of time (exclusive) until when module versions are to be deleted from the database.

ModuleId: optional; Integer type.
The module identifier. If not specified, returns module versions of all modules.

MaxNumberOfVersions: optional; Integer type.
The maximum number of versions to get. If not specified, returns the oldest 100 module versions. Set to 0 (zero) to get all the module versions.

Output parameters

HasMoreVersions: Integer type.
Returns True if there are still module versions older than the specified date and time to delete. Otherwise, returns False.

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