An environment and its information.


Key: Text type.
The environment unique identifier.

Name: Text type.
The name of the environment.

Version: Text type.
The Platform Server version.

Order: Integer type.
The order of the environment as displayed in the infrastructure management console.

Hostname: Text type.
Hostname of the environment.

UseHTTPS: Boolean type.
Indicates if connections to the environment are made using HTTPS.

InProductionMode: Boolean type.
Indicates if the environment is running in production mode.

NumberOfFrontEnds: Integer type.
Number of front-end servers in the environment.

ApplicationServerType: Text type.
Stack of the application server.

ApplicationServer: Text type.
Type of application server.

DatabaseProvider: Text type.
Type of database provider.

IsCloudEnvironment: Boolean type.
Indicates if the environment is running on a cloud service.

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