In the development environment, a Breakpoint marks the element where the execution of a request is going to be suspended for debugging.

Adding Breakpoints

To add a breakpoint to an element simply right-click on that element (either in the canvas or in the eSpace tree) and select the Add Debug Breakpoint option in the pop up menu. All breakpoints added to the module are alphabetically listed in the Breakpoints Tab on the Debugger Tab.

Double-clicking on a breakpoint, in the Breakpoints Tab, displays and selects the element with the breakpoint on the canvas.

Breakpoints can be added to the following elements:

Breakpoints are not stored in the module oml; they are, however, stored in your user settings. So, if you work on the same computer, you'll keep the breakpoints of an module from one work session to another.

Removing Breakpoints

To remove a breakpoint from a module element, simply right-click on that element (in the canvas or in the eSpace tree), and select the Remove Debug Breakpoint option in the pop up menu. Alternatively, you may remove a breakpoint in the Breakpoints Tab also by right-clicking on it and selecting the Remove Debug Breakpoint option in the pop up menu.

To Remove All breakpoints from your module, use the Remove All Breakpoints option which is available in the Debug menu or, alternatively, in the pop up menu when you right-click on the Breakpoints Tab. After deleting all breakpoint from your module, no new requests will be suspended, as well as the ones still suspended on which you execute the   Continue Request command.

Debugging with Breakpoints

When the Debugger is started for a module, all requests have their execution suspended whenever they run into a breakpoint in the module. You should add your breakpoints before running the module. However, during the debug session, you may add new breakpoints, or remove the ones that are no longer needed.

To advance from one breakpoint to another (skipping the trace of the elements in-between) use the Continue Request debugger command.

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