When designing the Action Flow of a screen action, you can refresh some parts (widgets) of the Web Screen, while keeping the state of the Web Screen. This behavior is implemented with the Ajax Refresh element, which you can drag onto your canvas from the Action Flow Toolbox.

Each Ajax Refresh element refreshes a specific widget on the Web Screen. This enhances the user experience, because:

In the case of Web Blocks, their Preparation is executed if they are refreshed. Learn more About Web Blocks.

First, You Must Give Name to the Widget

For you to refresh a widget using the Ajax Refresh tool, you must give a name to that widget for it to appear in the list of widgets.

Selecting a Widget

To select a widget to be refreshed use the Select Widget window which presents all the named widgets in the scope of the Web Screen (in the same order as they appear in the web screen).

To quickly launch the Select Widget simply double-click on the Widget property or in the Ajax Refresh element in the screen action flow.

Use the Ajax Submit Method

For Ajax Refresh elements to be executed in an action flow, the Screen Action where it is must be executed via Ajax (Ajax Submit method). Otherwise, all Ajax Refresh elements are ignored.

Learn more about the Behavior of the Button Widget and the Behavior of the Link Widget.

Multiple Ajax Refreshes

You may have more than one Ajax Refresh elements in the same Screen Action. In this case, the widgets are refreshed by the same order the Ajax Refresh elements appear in the action flow.

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