When defining the action flow of your action, you can split this action flow into one of two paths, depending on the evaluation of an expression to true or false. This behavior is implemented through the If element, which you can drag onto your canvas from the Action Flow Toolbox.

The If condition is specified in the Condition property and must be a Boolean expression. To edit this condition, simply type the condition directly in this property or use the Expression editor.

To quickly launch the expression editor, simply double-click on the Condition property or in the If element, in the action flow.

In the Action flow, each one of these actions paths is labeled automatically with true (T) or false (F).

To change the condition labels, simply right-click on the If element and select the Swap connectors option; the labels true and false are switched.

The If flow must follow this rule, otherwise an error message is presented and the eSpace is not valid:

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