The next table presents the properties of the Ajax Refresh element.




Default value



The name of the widget to be refreshed. It is also the text displayed in the action flow.

Use the Select Widget window to select the widget.



The widgets presented are only the ones that are visible in the scope of the screen where the action is.

Only named widgets can be used in this property.

Row Number

The number of the row to be refreshed.

If no value is specified all the rows in the widget are refreshed.



This property is only enabled when refreshing Table Records or List Records widgets.

Animation Effect

The animation effect applied to the widget when refreshed in the web screen:

None: the widget is refreshed with no animation.

Highlight: the widget is refreshed and then highlighted with an yellow overlay that fades in and then fades out.

Fade: the widget fades out, is refreshed, and fades in.

Vertical Slide: the widget is hidden with a vertical slide, is refreshed, and then displayed again with a vertical slide.




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