When defining the action flow of your action, you may need to debug it or to register some information that can be examined afterwards, at runtime. This behavior is implemented by the Audit System action. This information, along with the exact time of log and other runtime information, is stored in your application module in the general log so that you can analyze it in environment management console.

How to Audit your action flow

  1. Open the action flow and drag the Audit action to the exact place of the Action Flow that you want to audit;
  2. On the Content Canvas, an Execute Action element is created and you have to specify its arguments. How?

The Message and ModuleName properties are of type Text and can be handled with the Expression editor.

You can have more than one Audit action in your action flow, but the order by which they are registered in Service Center might not necessarily be the order of the flow. Therefore, you should not examine the log information in a sequential way.

How to Access to the Audit Information

  1. Login to the environment management console;
  2. Select the Monitoring tab. By default, you'll be presented with the desired screen which is General Log;
  3. Select your application module and use the filters to narrow the list of results. For Audit action events use the option USER for the filter Type and press the button Filter;
  4. OutSystems Platform retrieves all the log entries that comply with the selected filters. Each entry includes the information passed to the Audit action, the module that requested the log, the Time of the Log, and other runtime information.

You can only view the log information of modules you have permissions:

The log of Audit events may be switched off in production eSpaces, if desired, as debugging is no longer a priority. In Service Center, select the 'Operation' tab of the desired eSpace and uncheck the option 'Auditing'. This change takes immediate effect and you don't have to publish the eSpace again.

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