You can execute any of the actions available in Processes Layer, Logic Layer, and Data Layer of the eSpace Tree.

How to Execute an Action

In the Action Flow editor do one of the following:

  1. Drag the action from the eSpace Tree and drop it on the Content Canvas of the Action Flow.
  2. Drag an Execute Action element from the Action Flow Toolbox and then choose the action from a list.

If you drop the action on top of an existing connector, this action is inserted at that point. If you drop it on an empty area of the Content Canvas, you have to link it afterwards; otherwise this action is not executed.

An action can have:

Input parameters: Instantiated when the action is executed, through the Arguments property of the Execute Action. How?

Output parameters: When an action is executed, an instance of that action is created. You can access the output parameters of any expression further down the scope in one of the following ways:


If the parameter type is composite, you can browse its definition to reach the attribute you want; the available composite type is Record.

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