When defining the action flow of your action, you can export the content of a Record List to an MS-Excel file by using the Record List to Excel widget which you can drag onto your canvas from the Action Flow Toolbox.

You are also able to do the inverse, i.e. importing from an MS-Excel file, by using the Excel to Record List element.

The "Record List to Excel widget" only generates the content of the MS-Excel file; to create the file itself you can use, for example, the Download widget.

The next picture presents a typical example of an action flow that allows the end-user to download an MS-Excel file with the content of a record list:

Export algorithm

The MS-Excel sheet created follows these rules:

  1. Each record of the record list corresponds to a row in the sheet;

  2. Only the attributes that you specify are loaded into the sheet. If you don't specify any attributes, development environment displays an error message and the application module is not valid;

  3. The column headers of the exported Excel file are named after the Label property of the selected attributes, allowing you to customize the column headers of the exported Excel file;

  4. If the selected attribute has no Label property specified, the name of the attribute is used to create the column header.

Record List to Excel Properties




Default value



Text that identifies the element in the action flow.



See rules for naming elements.


Free text that describes the element in the action flow. You can edit the text by directly typing it in the property or in the description editor which opens by clicking




Useful for documentation purposes.

The maximum size of this property is 2000 characters.

Record List

Variable that contains the data that will be exported to the MS-Excel file.




Attribute Selection

List of attributes of the Record, according to your Record List.

You have to check the attributes that have content you want export to Excel.



There are some limitations on the attributes that might be downloaded to Excel. See which ones.

OutSystems Data Types to Excel Data Types

OutSystems Data Type

Excel Data Type









Date Time Datetime
Date Datetime
Time Datetime
Phone Number Text
Email Text
Currency Number

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