The On Skip action is an activity callback action that allows you to implement business rules to validate whether an instance of a process activity in the process flow can have its execution skipped. An On Skip action can have local variables.

If you want to stop the execution from being skipped, raise an exception using the Raise Exception element. This will prevent the process activity from ending its execution and will keep it in its current state. Learn more about how to Explicitly Raise an Exception.

Input parameters


Output parameters



As an example think of a human activity to perform quality control in an application to allocate IT resources: if there are sufficient available resources the human task is optional, but if the system detects a low number of available resources the task cannot be skipped and the IT Manager must check all resources that continued allocated after their due date.

In these Scenarios you should use the Abort Activity Change Exception. Once this exception is raised, it is logged in Service Center under the general log. All other exceptions are logged under the error tab.

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