When defining the process flow of your processes, Service Studio provides the following Tools:




Starts the process flow. Only one Start element is allowed in a process flow.

Conditional Start

Starts an alternative flow in the process flow. How to use a Conditional Start.

Human Activity

Activity to be executed by a human being. How to use a Human Activity.

Send Email

Sends an Email to one or more recipients. How to use a Send Email.

Automatic Activity

Executes an action flow to do some work without the need of human intervention. How to use an Automatic Activity.

Execute Process

Executes another process as an activity of the current process. How to use an Execute Process.


Puts the process flow execution on hold until a specific event occurs. How to use a Wait.


Branches the process flow path into multiple paths but only one is followed. How to use a Decision.


Ends the process flow. For a matter of organization, you can have more than one End element in the same process flow. How to use an End.


Allows you to add comments to your process flow. How to add comments to your action flow.

Each process activity created in your process flow using a process tool has a life cycle.

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