OutSystems Platform has a few drag and drop shortcuts that allow you to be more productive. These shortcuts are documented in the table below.

To achieve this

Do this
Create a one-to-many relationship between entities Drag an entity on top of another entity defined in this module.
Create an aggregate to fetch the records of an entity Drag the entity from the tree to the action flow.
Create an aggregate to fetch a single record of an entity Drag an input parameter or variable of entity identifier data type onto the flow where you want to fetch the record, e.g. Preparation of a detail screen.
Create a reference to a public element in another module Drag the public element from the producer module and drop it in the corresponding tab in the consumer module, e.g. drag public entity from producer module to the Entities folder in the Data tab of the consumer module.
Bind a variable to an input Drag a variable or parameter onto an input, radio button or combo box widget.
Or, drag a boolean variable or parameter into a Check Box or Radio Button widget.
Bind a record variable to a record widget Drag a variable of a compound data type (e.g. User or User Record) into a Edit Record or Show Record widget.
Bind a list variable to a list widget Drag a variable of list data type into a List Box widget.
Bind a screen action to a button

When the action is not set, double-click the button to create the screen action. With action set or not, drag and drop a Screen Action onto the Button widget.

Create a link to a screen

Drag a Web Screen from the tree and drop it in the UI of a screen where you want the link to be created.


Found a shortcut that makes you more productive and that is not documented here? Drop as a line using the feedback option below.

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