The Invalid Entity error is issued in the following situations:

You must add attributes to this entity. How?

Check your entity and choose which attribute must be sequential. In the other attribute, you have to set the Is AutoNumber property to No.

Depending on your requirements, either change the data type of one of these attributes; or create a new entity and move one of these attributes to this new entity.

Depending on your requirements, either add more attributes to your entity or change the Is AutoNumber property of this attribute to No.

Select the identifier attribute and change its data type to Long Integer, Integer, or Text.

Examples of circular dependencies

Change the types of the involved identifiers.

In your multi-tenant entity, set the Is AutoNumber property of the identifier to Yes.

In your multi-tenant entity, choose an Long Integer, Integer, or Text attribute to be the entity identifier.

Convert the Entity back to a Static Entity.

Change the data type of the static entity identifier back to Text.

Clicking the symbol will take you directly to the problem entity in the module tree.

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