The Invalid Property Value error is issued in the following situations:

Define a value for this mandatory property.

Edit the Default Value property of this element and assign a literal value.

In all the elements except session variables and site properties, you can also use one of the following built-in functions for their default values: NullDate(), NullIdentifier(), NullObject(), NullTextIdentifier(), CurrDate(), CurrTime(), CurrDateTime(), and NewLine().

Edit the session variable or the site property and use a literal in the Default Value property.

Edit this property and append its value with px or %; if no measure is defined, Service Studio considers px.

To solve this error you must replace the element with a new element: for example, delete the Execute Action and add another one.

To solve this error, edit the Source Record or Source Record List, depending on the widget, and use a variable that is not a runtime property of any of the widgets available on the screen. You must use local variables, queries, or lists evaluated in the Screen Preparation.

Alternatively you can change the value of the 'Send In' or 'Receive In' property, to send the parameter in the HTTP request body, or in the URL.

Clicking the symbol will take you directly to the mismatched property.

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