You can manage the hidden warnings in the TrueChangeTM tab, of the Lower pane..

Show and hide again the hidden warnings

In the TrueChangeTM tab, during the eSpace life cycle, you can at any time see all the hidden warnings by right-clicking on the "Hidden warnings" warning and selecting the Show hidden warnings option Show picture.

To hide these warnings again, right-click on the "Hidden warnings" warning and select the Do not show hidden warnings option.

Instead of right-clicking on the Hidden warnings, you can double-click on that row and get the same behavior.

Undo the hide operation

You can, at any time, undo the hide operation for a specific warning. Once this undo operation is executed, the warning is displayed just like any other warning.

How to hide a warning:

  1. In the TrueChangeTM tab of the Lower pane, select the line that corresponds to the Hidden warnings warning and do one of the following:

    • Right-click on that warning and select the Show hidden warnings option;

    • Double-click on that warning.

  1. All the warnings that were hidden are displayed, but slightly grayed out, as in the figure above.

  1. Right-click on the warning you want to show and select the Show this warning option. That specific warning is immediately displayed in the TrueChangeTM tab.

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