In the Edit menu use the Find tool to search for a text string in all of the elements your eSpace: both in their content and in their properties.

How to use the Find:

  1. Open the Edit menu and select the Find option or, alternatively, press the CTRL+F shortcut keys.

  1. Type the text to be searched in the input box and click on the Find button.
  1. To narrow your search you may configure some search conditions:

    • Search Scope: select the scope of your search to be either the whole eSpace or just the element that is currently being displayed in the canvas as, for example, an action flow or a web screen.

    • Match case: check this option to return only those occurrences matching the exact letter case.

    • Match whole word: check this option to return only those occurrences of words matching from the beginning to the end, i.e., the whole word must match the search string.

The set of all occurrences of the string found in your eSpace is listed in the Find Results tab in the Lower Pane.

The element of an occurrence in the list is highlighted on the workspace, for example: if the occurrence is in an expression, the Expression editor is launched with the string highlighted.

Double-click on a line to get the element of that occurrence highlighted on the workspace, or use the Previous Find Result or Next Find Result options of the Edit Menu to move up and down in the list.

At the bottom of the tab there are two buttons:

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