Instead of developing your applications from scratch, it’s sometimes useful to install and reuse already existing applications.

In the OutSystems Forge, you can find open source applications and components, that you can use in your projects and learn with them.

The OutSystems Forge is highly integrated with the rest of OutSystems Platform, so that you can install applications and components right from the development environment:

  1. In the environment tab, click 'Install Application';
  2. Log in with your OutSystems Community credentials;
  3. Search for an application or component;
  4. Try the application to see if it fits your needs;
  5. Click 'Install' to install the application.

Some applications available on the Forge use functionality implemented in other applications or components. It this situation, those applications and components are also installed.


To install an application for the sales team to manage accounts, contacts, and opportunities:

  1. In the environment tab, click 'Install Application';
  2. Log in with your OutSystems Community credentials;
  3. Search for the 'Sales' application, and click on it;
  4. Click 'Install' to check if the Sales application and its dependencies can be installed on your environment. In this case the Sales application depends on the CRM Services application;
  5. Click 'Continue' to install the CRM Services and Sales applications;
  6. After the installation has finished, go to the Sales application and click 'Open' to test it.

Now you can customize the Sales and CRM Services applications to your own needs.

Incompatible Dependencies

When installing an application, the OutSystems Platform checks which dependencies are already installed on your environment, and which ones need to be installed.

If one of the dependencies is already installed on your environment, but has been customized, then the OutSystems Platform checks if your version is compatible with the application you want to download. If you customized the API (public elements) on which the application relies, OutSystems Platform warns that if you install the application it will not run properly. This happens because the application depends on functionality that is not yet available on your environment.

If this happens, you can still download the application and install it manually on your environment. Click on 'Download' to download the application package, and then double-click on it to start the installation.

Once the application is installed, you can see that it has broken references: it depends on functionality that is not available in the environment.

In this example, Sales depends on CRM Services, but the latter has been customized.

When you open one of the Sales modules, the OutSystems Platform prompts to open the Add/Remove Dependencies window. In this window, you can see what is causing the problem.

Now you can troubleshoot and fix the Sales application, to use your customized version of CRM Services.

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