By default, the Users application does not support Group hierarchies: it's not possible to make a group part of another. However OutSystems Platform was designed to support this, either using the OutSystems Platform or other external system.

Using the OutSystems Platform

    1. Create a new Application;
    2. Using the references window, under 'System', find the 'Group' entity;
    3. Model and create entities that reference the Group entity using foreign keys;
    4. Design screens to manage these groups;
    5. For each group that has these customizations, set its HasCustomManagement attribute to True: these groups will no longer be visible in the Users application.

Using an External System

    1. Use a database management tool to connect to the OutSystems Platform database;
    2. Edit the records in the OSSYS_Group table and set the HasCustomManagement field to True for the groups you want to manage yourself. These groups will no longer be visible in the Users application;
    3. Model and create tables that reference the OSSYS_Group using foreign keys;
    4. Design your external systems to manage the tables you have created.

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