When authenticating end-users, you can choose to use a persistent login: after logging in for the first time in the application, the end-user will not have to provide the credentials again, unless:

Using Persistent Login

To use a persistent login, simply set to True the Persistent property of the Login or LoginPassword action, in Service Studio. In this case, when the end-user is logged-in, all the persistent roles are loaded with the respective grant or revoke.

The persistent login will only work if the end-user has enabled the use of Cookies on the browser.

When the end-user logs-out, through the Logout action, or does not access the application for 10 days, then the persistent login times out and the user needs to authenticate again to access the application.

What You Should Know

Persistent Login keeps independent sessions in different browsers. This allows end-users to have persistent login sessions for the same application in different browsers and devices.

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