When caching contents of your application, you may force the cache to be invalidated, i.e., cached elements content it invalidated, forcing the evaluation on the next usage and, this way, have the cache updated with the most recent content.

Cache Invalidation

The elements of the cache can be invalidated in one of the following ways:

ESpaceInvalidateCache: all cached elements with binding to the eSpace are invalidated in all Front-end Servers. Learn more about this action;

TenantInvalidateCache: invalidates tenant specific caches across all Front-end servers. This action exists for compatibility purposes. Please use the EspaceInvalidateCache action to reduce the invalidation impact to a single eSpace. Learn more about this action.

Learn more about Using Cache in Multi-Tenant Applications.

Automatic Element Invalidation

A cached element is invalidated when the elapsed time since the element content was last cached exceeds the element's  Cache in Minutes value.

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