When using a REST API, you can use your own .NET/Java code to customize the information that is sent in requests or received in responses. For example, to use a specific algorithm to code some content, or to add a certificate at a very low level into the request.

To do this, you normally proceed as follows:

  1. In Integration Studio, create an extension to map the .NET/Java code into Service Studio actions.
    Use the REST Extensibility API in your extension to obtain and manipulate requests/responses.
    To see examples of how to use it, look for modules that use REST APIs in the Components category of OutSystems Forge.
  2. In Service Studio, add references to the actions you need from the extension;
  3. In the REST API use the following properties:
    'On Before Request' property: set to OnBeforeRequestAdvanced to customize the request before it is sent;
    'On After Response' property: set to OnAfterResponseAdvanced to customize the response after it has arrived.
  4. After setting the value, an action with the same name is made available under the REST API.
    Use it to add the actions you have referenced in 2. to customize the request or response using your .NET/Java code.

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