Adding documentation to your REST APIs is essential as it facilitates the life of any developer when integrating with your system.

OutSystems Platform facilitates documenting your REST APIs, by automatically generating the documentation when you publish the module.

The documentation is based on the following properties of the REST API, REST API methods and their parameters:

The documentation is made available under the base URL of the REST API:

You can see this path in the URL property of the REST API.


We have an application called 'ContactAPICustomAut' to manage contacts. It has an exposed REST API service called 'Contacts'. We want to automatically generate, publish and maintain the documentation of this REST API, so that its consumers can easily understand how to use it.

To reach this goal, we simply do the following:

  1. Make sure that the following elements have their Description property filled in: 'Contacts' REST API, 'GetContact' REST API method, and its 'Id' input parameter;
  2. Publish the application.

When we publish the module, the REST API documentation is generated in the following URL:

The result is:

Format the Documentation

OutSystems Platform allows you to format the description that appears in the documentation, by using markdown syntax in the Description property of the REST API or method.

The following syntax is supported:






#This is a title with Heading1


##This is a subtitle with Heading2


###And so on until 6 hashtags



**Important note**


__Important note__



~~old value~~ new value

Horizontal line

Three or more dash or asterisk, with an empty line above them



Image from relative or absolute URL




Indent each line by 4 spaces

    When calling this method,

    remember to use basic authentication.  

Link over text

[displayed text](URL)


Bulleted list


* username;

* password.


+ username;

* password.


- username;

+ password.

Nested lists

To nest bullets, use two spaces before the * or + or - sign.

For each new level, add two more spaces.


  * Web Services

    * SOAP

    * REST

  * APIs

Inline code


The method returns the `ContactId` value.



| Input | Output | Functionality |

| ---- | ---- | ---- |

| Contact | Id | Create a contact |

Table with aligned columns

| :--- | for a left-aligned column;

| ----: | for right-aligned column;

| :----: | for central alignment.

| Input | Output | Functionality |

| :---- | :----: | ----: |

| Contact | Id | Create a contact |

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