OutSystems Platform provides the possibility of exposing functionality of your module through the Exposed SOAP Web Service element.

How to Create a SOAP Web Service

  1. In the Logic layer, expand the 'Integrations' folder;
  2. Right-click on the 'SOAP' element and select 'Expose SOAP Web Service...';
  3. Specify the properties of the SOAP web service. Learn more about Expose SOAP Web Service Properties.

SOAP Web Service Methods and Types

When you publish your module with an exposed SOAP Web Service, the following happens internally, through the HTTP/SOAP protocol:

  1. The actions of exposed SOAP Web Services are translated into methods in the WSDL.
  2. The types used by these actions are translated into XML types in the WSDL.

Using an Exposed SOAP Web Service

If you are using the .NET stack of the OutSystems Platform:



If you are using the Java stack:



To use the same namespace as both the general namespace of the WSDL and the namespace of the schema element (with the definition of all types) set it in the Web Services Namespace property of the module.

Using Web Services in Multi-Tenant Applications

When exposing Web Services in Multi-Tenant Applications you need to ensure the logic of the Web Service runs constrained to the adequate tenant.

Learn more about Using Web Services in Multi-Tenant Applications.

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