When creating a REST API Methods, the OutSystems Platform automatically generates a Structure for the Request and Response, from the example you provide for them.

See in the following table how the parameters' data type is inferred:

OutSystems Data Type

JSON example


Long Integer

{"quantity" : 123456789}

Highest value: 2^63-1


{"totalprice" : 12345678901,

"amount" : -3935.120}

If a value is integer, but greater than or equal to 2^63, a decimal parameter is created.

Date Time

{"createdon" : "2014-12-31T23:59:59+01:00",

"shippedon" : "2015-01-01T19:00:00.256"}

If the ISO date contains information about the time zone, it is automatically converted to the local time of the server, with daylight savings applied.

{"scheduledstart" : "/Date(1388534400000)/"}

WCF format


{"createdon" : "2014-12-24"}

Format: YYYY-MM-DD


{"canupdate" : true}



{"name" : "Christine Sharp"}

Data that cannot be converted to one of the above data types, is converted to Text.

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